Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baseball Memories (Program 79)

Baseball, the great American pastime! George Haloulakos helps us to remember the days gone by of baseball, particularly while he was growing up in the 60s. George and his father have written a fantastic treatise on baseball history during this time period. We remember two celebrated players of the past: Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax. We recall the excitement and wonder of going to baseball games back in the early 60s. The wonderful players who were professionals on the field, and true gentlemen with their many fans. This was a different time in the world of baseball, and we recall those days. Pictured above, the great Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax.

George Haloulakos writes:

This program was inspired by an article written by George and his father, Dr. V.E. Haloulakos, that is dedicated to the blessed memory of Don Drysdale - who taught a whole generation of us kids on how to play to win and forever remains a touchstone in my dad's journey to becoming an American citizen, and to Sandy Koufax - who put God before the World Series, team above self, and integrity above fame.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Maggie, the Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site Mascot.

We're pleased to introduce you to Maggie. She is the official mascot of Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site. Maggie is owned by our very own George Haloulakos and his wife, Sharon.

Maggie herself writes: San Diego is known for being the most dog-friendly city in the USA, and Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site is such a dog-gone-good show! I faithfully listen to Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site. I know the voices of Mike B, Smitty, Mike Z, and of course my dad George. And I find them very soothing. Ricky Nelson is my favorite recording artist and I have my very own collection of Ricky Nelson CDs to help me relax and fall asleep.

George writes: I also included photographs of Maggie doing her Therapy Dog work at Le Bleu Chateau (the assisted living facility where my mother now resides in Burbank). The
owners and operators of the Le Bleu Chateau wrote the following about Maggie. It shows that her love and caring exemplify the values of Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site: "We are very fortunate to have Caregiver Maggie on duty. Maggie does not have a specific role at Le Bleu, but she instinctively knows how to care. She is great at cheering up a room, reminds seniors they are
loved, and encourages mobility and flexibility by requesting that residents pet
her. Maggie has earned her title as our Therapy Dog".

We are pleased to have Maggie on board as part of the Galaxy Family.