Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Remembering Glen Campbell

American singer Glen Campbell passed away on August 8, 2017, after a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease.  He was 81.  He is remembered not only for his numerous songs he performed, but also for his acting, songwriting, guitar playing, and television hosting work over the years.   Among Campbell's hits are "Gentle on My Mind", "By the Time I Get to Phoenix", "Wichita Lineman", "Galveston", "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Southern Nights".  Glen's earliest work was as a session musician working with many famous artists such as Bobby Darin, Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin, Jan and Dean, and Elvis Presley just to name a few.  He was also part of the original "Twelve String Guitar" playing with Doug Dillard, Rod Dillard, and Dean Webb. 

Additionally, Glen Campbell was an actor and television host, appearing in such films as "True Grit", "Norwood", and "Any Which Way You Can".  His television work also was numerous, hosting his own show "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour", and making guest appearances on such shows as The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The Donny and Marie Show, The Mike Douglas Show, and The Midnight Special with Wolfman Jack.  Additionally he appeared on numerous TV specials and made for TV movies.

For many of us growing up in the Baby Boomer years, Glen Campbell was a part of our childhood and our youth.  His songs take us back to another time and another place.  The Wichita Lineman is still on the line...and always will be.  We remember Glen and will share memories of him and his music in an upcoming episode of Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Remembering Mary Tyler Moore

TV icon Mary Tyler Moore passed away on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, after being hospitalized in Connecticut. She was 80. Mary Tyler Moore is best remembered for her starring role as Laura Petrie on the "Dick Van Dyke Show", and her role as Mary Richards on the "Mary Tyler More Show".  In addition, she appeared in television commercials, motion pictures, and as a guest on many TV programs.  Baby Boomers have a special relationship with MTM.  She was a very prominent part of our growing-up years.  On an upcoming episode of Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site, we'll look back on the life and career of this girl "Who Could Turn the World on with Her Smile".  Join us for this tribute to one of our favorite actresses. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Plane! The Plane! Here's the Passenger List, 40 Years Later

On Friday night, January 14th, 1977, prime-time TV viewers were introduced to Fantasy Island, a weekly ABC series that featured a who's-who of celebrities from the 1930s through mid-1970s. 

Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Mantalban) and Tatoo (Herve Villachaize) opened each show by greeting a planeload of folks fixated on living out particular fantasies. Most viewers were always anxious to see how the episode's featured movie or TV stars would spend the next 45 minutes chasing their dreams, or in many cases fleeing the subsequent nightmare of having had those dreams come true.

As Boomers well in to early adulthood in the mid 1970s, most of us had our favorite TV or silver screen celebs. Some may or may not have appeared on Fantasy Island. Here are the prominent notables that appeared during the 1977-1984 series run of Fantasy Island is now available. For You Fantasy Island fans, Here's The List, The List:

Ian Abercrombie
Don Adams
Edie Adams
Neile Adams
Claude Akins
Robert Alda
Norman Alden
Frank Aletter
Steve Allen
Don Ameche
Morey Amsterdam
Bridgette Andersen
Loni Anderson
Melissa Sue Anderson
Michael Anderson, Jr.
Richard Anderson
Edward Andrews
Michael Ansara
R.G. Armstrong
Desi Arnaz, Jr.
Lucie Arnaz
Alison Arngrim
Lewis Arquette
Luke Askew
John Astin
Frankie Avalon
Leah Ayres
Lew Ayres

Jim Backus
Hermione Baddeley
Jane Badler
Max Baer, Jr.
Jimmy Baio
Scott Baio
Richard Bakalyan
Diane Baker
Judith Baldwin
Carl Ballantine
Kaye Ballard
Adrienne Barbeau
Andrea Barber
Joanna Barnes
Douglas Barr
Gene Barry
Ivor Barry
Billy Barty
Jaime Lyn Bauer
John Beck
William Beckley
Noah Beery, Jr.
Ed Begley, Jr.
Christine Belford
Ralph Bellamy
Brenda Benet
Barbi Benton
Polly Bergen
Milton Berle
Crystal Bernard
Ken Berry
Martine Beswick
Theodore Bikel
David Birney
Bill Bixby
Vivian Blaine
Janet Blair
Linda Blair
Joan Blondell
Lloyd Bochner
Ray Bolger
Danny Bonaduce
Frank Bonner
Sonny Bono
Linwood Boomer
Lynn Borden
William Boyett
Neville Brand
Clark Brandon
Bart Braverman
Rossano Brazzi
Peter Breck
George Brett
Ken Brett
James Broderick
Foster Brooks
Johnny Brown
Peter Brown
Reb Brown
Robert Brown
Kathie Browne
Pamela Jean Bryant
Horst Buchholz
Ray Buktenica
Brooke Bundy
Victor Buono
Gary Burghoff
Delta Burke
Paul Burke
LeVar Burton
Dick Butkus
Dean Butler
Red Buttons
Edd Byrnes

Rory Calhoun
Michael Callan
Joseph Campanella
J.D. Cannon
Diana Canova
Macdonald Carey
Darlene Carr
Vikki Carr
John Carradine
Victoria Carroll
Ric Carrott
Jack Carter
David Cassidy
Joanna Cassidy
Mary Jo Catlett
Paul Cavonis
George Chakiris
Judith Chapman
Cyd Charisse
Dane Clark
Robert Clary
Julie Cobb
Imogene Coca
James Coco
Iron Eyes Cody
Dennis Cole
Michael Cole
Gary Collins
Joan Collins
Christopher Connelly
Chuck Connors
Hans Conreid
Michael Constantine
Frank Converse
Bert Convy
Keith Coogan
Teri Copley
Glenn Corbett
Alex Cord
Lydia Cornell
Joseph Cotten
Ronny Cox
Yvonne Craig
Broderick Crawford
Linda Cristal
Patrick Cronin
Pat Crowley
Melinda Culea

Arlene Dahl
Cathryn Damon
Stuart Damon
Bill Dana
Royal Dano
Cesare Danova
Kim Darby
James Darren
James Daughton
John Davidson
Geena Davis
Patti Davis
Phyllis Davis
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Richard Dawson
Laraine Day
Jimmy Dean
Rosemary DeCamp
Yvonne De Carlo
Sandra Dee
Don DeFore
Gloria DeHaven
Bob Denver
Khigh Dhiegh
Charles Dierkop
Bradford Dillman
Elinor Donahue
Troy Donahue
James Doohan
Ann Doran
David Doyle
Howard Duff

Leslie Easterbrook
Herb Edelman
Samantha Eggar
Nicole Eggert
Ike Eisenmann
Britt Ekland
Jack Elam
Ron Ely
Georgia Engel
Leif Erickson
John Ericson
Gene Evans
Maurice Evans
Jason Evers
Tom Ewell

Shelley Fabares
Lola Falana
Stephanie Faracy
Shea Farrell
David Faustino
Cristina Ferrare
José Ferrer
Mel Ferrer
John Fiedler
Gail Fisher
Peggy Fleming
Joey Forman
Steve Forrest
Constance Forslund
Rosemary Forsyth
Phil Foster
Bernard Fox
Jonathan Frakes
Anne Francis
Genie Francis
Gary Frank
Pamela Franklin
Mary Frann
Robert Fuller
Annette Funicello

Eva Gabor
Holly Gagnier
Don Galloway
Sean Garrison
Steve Garvey
Dick Gautier
John Gavin
Michael V. Gazzo
Ellen Geer
Robert Gentry
Christopher George
Lynda Day George
Estelle Getty
Bond Gideon
Henry Gibson
Stefan Gierasch
Mickey Gilley
Richard Gilliland
Missy Gold
Tracey Gold
Arlene Golonka
Grant Goodeve
Lynda Goodfriend
Marjoe Gortner
Robert Goulet
Fred Grandy
Peter Graves
Erin Gray
Shecky Greene
Brodie Greer
Andy Griffith
David Groh
Harry Guardino

Hard Boiled Haggerty
Sid Haig
Alan Hale, Jr.
Brett Halsey
Jo Ann Harris
Jonathan Harris
Phil Harris
Jenilee Harrison
Lisa Hartman Black
Peter Haskell
Richard Hatch
David Hedison
Katherine Helmond
Sherman Hemsley
Florence Henderson
Justin Henry
Pamela Hensley
Don Ho
Celeste Holm
Skip Homeier
James Hong
Bo Hopkins
Telma Hopkins
James Houghton
Vince Howard
Ernie Hudson
Engelbert Humperdinck
Leann Hunley
Gayle Hunnicutt
Gunilla Hutton
Wilfrid Hyde-White

Sherry Jackson
Richard Jaeckel
Dennis James
John James
Rick Jason
Anne Jeffreys
Linda Thompson Jenner
Rita Jenrette
Maren Jensen
Ann Jillian
Arte Johnson
Van Johnson
Carolyn Jones
Henry Jones
Tom Jones
Elaine Joyce

Steve Kanaly
Casey Kasem
Jean Kasem
Dianne Kay
Caren Kaye
Roz Kelly
George Kennedy
Mabel King
Richard Kline
Don Knotts
Bernie Kopell
Apollonia Kotero
Yaphet Kotto
Katy Kurtzman
Stepfanie Kramer
Paul Kreppel
Nancy Kulp
Nancy Kwan

David Ladd
Lorenzo Lamas
Audrey Landers
Judy Landers
Hope Lange
Ted Lange
Kim Lankford
John Larroquette
Tommy Lasorda
Tammy Lauren
Peter Lawford
Carol Lawrence
Vicki Lawrence
Johnny Lee
Michele Lee
Ruta Lee
Janet Leigh
Michael Lembeck
Rosetta LeNoire
Rick Lenz
George Lindsey
Richard Lineback
Larry Linville
Cleavon Little
Rich Little
Eddie Little Sky
Ernie Lively
Doug Llewelyn
Heather Locklear
Robert Loggia
Claudia Lonow
Marjorie Lord
Gloria Loring
Lisa Loring
Tina Louise
Susan Lucci
Allen Ludden
James Luisi
Barbara Luna
Peter Lupus
Carol Lynley
Fred Lynn
Loretta Lynn
Sue Lyon
Robert F. Lyons

James MacArthur
Simon MacCorkindale
Janet MacLachlan
Murray MacLeod
Meredith MacRae
Dave Madden
Guy Madison
George Maharis
Robert Mandan
Larry Manetti
Joe Mantell
Randolph Mantooth
Monte Markham
Peter Marshall
Dick Martin
Dolly Martin
Jared Martin
Pamela Sue Martin
Ross Martin
A Martinez
Robin Mattson
Donald May
Mike Mazurki
Heather McAdam
Chuck McCann
Kevin McCarthy
Rue McClanahan
Leigh McCloskey
Doug McClure
John McCook
Patty McCormack
Maureen McCormick
Roddy McDowall
Mary Kate McGeehan
Ted McGinley
Dorothy McGuire
John McIntire
Philip McKeon
Jayne Meadows
Eddie Mekka
Sam Melville
Lee Meriwether
Art Metrano
Marilyn Michaels
Kari Michaelsen
Vera Miles
Ray Milland
Denny Miller
Donna Mills
Juliet Mills
Martin Milner
Cameron Mitchell
Mary Ann Mobley
Al Molinaro
Richard Moll
Belinda Montgomery
Alvy Moore
Terry Moore
Greg Morris
Howard Morris
Vic Morrow
Robert Morse
Howard Morton
William R. Moses
Donald Most
Diana Muldaur
Ben Murphy
Jan Murray

Reggie Nalder
Joe Namath
Hal Needham
Barry Nelson
Gene Nelson
Harriet Nelson
Julie Newmar
Leslie Nielsen
James Noble
Trisha Noble
Jeanette Nolan
Sheree North
France Nuyen
Louis Nye
Russell Nype

Randi Oakes
Hugh O'Brian
Donald O'Connor
J. Pat O'Malley
David Opatoshu
Heather O'Rourke

Janis Paige
Peter Palmer
Eleanor Parker
Barbara Parkins
Dennis Patrick
Richard Paul
Nehemiah Persoff
Donna Pescow
Paul Petersen
Cassandra Peterson
Joanna Pettet
Michelle Pfeiffer
Jo Ann Pflug
Regis Philbin
Barney Phillips
Michelle Phillips
Paul Picerni
Eve Plumb
Henry Polic II
Don Porter
Markie Post
Jane Powell
Randolph Powell
Victoria Principal
Joan Pringle
Juliet Prowse

Cristina Raines
Dack Rambo
Lou Rawls
Gene Rayburn
James Read
Helen Reddy
Quinn Redeker
Lynn Redgrave
Robert Reed
Shanna Reed
Alejandro Rey
Madlyn Rhue
Adam Rich
Kim Richards
Kyle Richards
Lou Richards
Susan Richardson
Peter Mark Richman
Robin Riker
Jack Riley
Doris Roberts
Tanya Roberts
Dale Robertson
Chris Robinson
Sugar Ray Robinson
Roxie Roker
Esther Rolle
Ruth Roman
Richard Romanus
Cesar Romero
Jamie Rose
Marion Ross
Tim Rossovich
Mark Roth
Dan Rowan
Misty Rowe
John Rubinstein
Barbara Rush

Raymond St. Jacques
Jill St. John
Paul Sand
Beverly Sanders
Richard Sanders
Dick Sargent
Lanna Saunders
Brad Savage
John Saxon
Avery Schreiber
John Schuck
Geoffrey Scott
Vito Scotti
Ronnie Scribner
Bob Seagren
Dick Shawn
Deborah Shelton
Cybill Shepherd
Mark Shera
Bobby Sherman
James Shigeta
John Wesley Shipp
Pamela Susan Shoop
Stephen Shortridge
Phil Silvers
Hal Smith
Martha Smith
Shelley Smith
William Smith
Dick Smothers
Tom Smothers
Julie Sommars
Elke Sommer
Laurette Spang
Camilla Sparv
Tori Spelling
Michael Spound
Jim Stafford
Skip Stephenson
Robert Sterling
Connie Stevens
Craig Stevens
Stella Stevens
Alana Stewart
Trish Stewart
Barbara Stock
Guy Stockwell
Christopher Stone
Larry Storch
Marcia Strassman
Dorothy Stratten
Woody Strode
Alan Sues
Barry Sullivan
Susan Sullivan
Donald Symington

Nita Talbot
Vic Tayback
Leigh Taylor-Young
Toni Tennille
Robert Tessier
Lauren Tewes
Tim Thomerson
Hilary Thompson
Gordon Thomson
Charlene Tilton
Berlinda Tolbert
Regis Toomey
Constance Towers
Fred Travalena
Bobby Troup
Ronne Troup
Forrest Tucker
Tanya Tucker
Ann Turkel
Joe Turkel
Glynn Turman
Lurene Tuttle
Shannon Tweed

Ellis Valentine
Karen Valentine
Mamie Van Doren
Jerry Van Dyke
Abe Vigoda
Sal Viscuso

Lyle Waggoner
Jimmie Walker
Nancy Walker
Marcia Wallace
Ray Walston
Laurie Walters
Vernee Watson
Patrick Wayne
Doodles Weaver
Mary Louise Weller
Gwen Welles
Danny Wells
Dawn Wells
Adam West
Jill Whelan
Stuart Whitman
Larry Wilcox
Anson Williams
Paul Williams
Fred Williamson
Marie Windsor
Jason Wingreen
Edward Winter
Iggie Wolfington
Lana Wood
Morgan Woodward
Tom Wopat
Jane Wyatt
George Wyner
Keenan Wynn
Dana Wynter

Cassie Yates
Dick York
Tony Young

Carmen Zapata
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

In Memoriam: Remembering stars we lost in 2016

by Lisa Dinkins
Those of us that are Baby Boomers or part of The Greatest Generation have had to endure some major gut punches due to the number of notable souls that left us in 2016. I wanted to mention a few who’ve left their mark on me; Hopefully I will not be alone in my choices.

 I heard the song Tammy the other day, performed so beautifully by Debbie Reynolds in the movie Tammy and The Bachelor. I broke out crying.

“I hear the cottonwoods whispering above, Tammy, Tammy, Tammy’s in love.”  

I never met Debbie Reynolds, never saw any of her live shows, but I felt I knew her.  She was funny, sassy, smart and cute. All the qualities I hoped I possessed. I’d sit on my twin bed watching Tammy on my black and white portable TV and sing along with her, all the while hoping when I was her age I’d hear the cottonwoods whispering to me.  I loved her.  And I loved her even more in How the West Was Won, The Unsinkable Molly Brown, The Singing Nun and of course, Singing in the Rain.  She moved me and held a special place in my Boomer heart, even more so than her daughter Carrie Fisher, who was my generational contemporary.

Carrie Fisher first got my attention as Princess Leia in Star Wars.  It was the first time I remember seeing a woman portraying a…what are the kids saying now…ah yes, a BAD ASS. She was cool, and as I was a sci-fi comic book nerd, she carved a space right in my heart.  As we both got older, her film role in When Harry met Sally and her book Postcards from the Edge impressed me even more. But, although I was sad she passed, I didn’t cry.

We lost Harper Lee, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of To Kill a Mockingbird.  Read the book. Saw the movie. Loved it.  A love story between a father and daughter, which stressed honor, truth, respect and tolerance, told in a way that was part adventure, part mystery.  My life was forever changed.

Mohamad Ali.  Heavyweight champion of the world & activist. I wasn’t a big fan of the boxing genre during his Cassius Clay days, or on into his name change, but I knew who he was.  I knew my uncle loved him, and I know he made an impact on the world.

Patty Duke.  Who didn’t know the words to The Patty Duke Show theme song:
“They laugh alike, they walk alike, 
At times they even talk alike — 
You can lose your mind, 
When cousins are two of a kind.” 

Who doesn’t remember seeing Patty (real name Anna Marie) portray Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker, or as Neely O’Hara screaming for her drugs in Valley of the Dolls.  Patty Duke was one of a kind.

Zsa Zsa Gabor.  I was never quite sure why she was who she was.  But she was always provocative, unique and interesting.

David Bowie.  I became a fan a bit late in his career.  I wasn’t able to appreciate his earlier work, but after he sang Little Drummer Boy with Bing Crosby on the 1977 Christmas TV special, I was hooked.

Arnold Palmer.  Not that I followed golf anymore than I followed boxing, but I knew who he was. And of course, I loved to order his namesake drink at restaurants.  Made me feel like an adult when dining with my parents.

Florence Henderson. The Brady Bunch.  Momma Brady.  'Nuff said.

Robert Vaughn.  Napoleon Solo in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. television series, which I loved.

Alan Young. Mr. Ed. "Awww Wilbur."

George Kennedy.  More often than not playing the heavy rather than the hero, as evidenced by his indelible portrayal of the convict Dragline in Cool Hand Luke. However, as Patroni, the head of maintenance operations in the movie AIRPORT, he finally got his chance to play against type, later flexing his comedic chops in the Naked Gun films.

Noel Neill, who’s initial career goal was to be a journalist like her father, got to play one as Lois Lane in The Adventures of Superman series from 1953-58. There were two Lois Lane's in the TV series. She was my favorite.

Gene Wilder.   “Hold your breath. Make a wish. Count to three.” These lines begin the wonderful song Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka, the film that introduced me to and made me fall in love with this brilliant actor.

Earl Hamner Jr.  The prolific writer who created among other things, The Waltons television show. I had the honor of meeting him at a barbecue once and he couldn’t have been more charming. Goodnight Earl.

There are so many more, and MeTV has done a lovely job of listing them on its website:

Here’s hoping 2017 allows us to celebrate our cultural icon's longevity and reminisce with them, not just about them.

By the way, I’m Lisa.  I’m new here. Thanks for hanging out.

Lisa Dinkins is a Los Angeles based actor, model, and writer, as well as a Baby Boomer and lover of American Pop Culture nostalgia. Lisa is a contributing writer, reporter, and co-host for Galaxy Nostalgia Network. Her impressive acting career can be found at IMDB (click here)