Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy New Year From Smitty and Mike!

We thank everyone out there that supports Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site! We have an exciting line-up of shows for 2013, and your support will help make this our best season yet. Help us get the word out about the podcast of choice for Baby Boomers (and beyond).  We'll be talking to you again soon, right here on Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site, on the Galaxy Nostalgia Network.      Smitty, Mike, and the Galaxy Gang.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TV Station Sign-Ons (Program 99)

On Program 99, we remember the days when TV stations would shut down late at night, and then start broadcasting again very early the next morning.  This was known as the Sign-On and Sign-Off.  Something that is very rarely seen today in the era of all-night infomercials and overnight news programs.  The Galaxy Gang recall their memories of getting up early in the morning to see the station transmitting a test pattern, such as the ones we show here, and then listening to the National Anthem, and perhaps a devotional film, prior to beginning the day's programs.  The test patterns were designed to be able to allow station engineers to align their transmitting equipment, and owners of TV sets at home to align their sets.

Test patterns such as these began to be phased out as color television became the standard.  For color TV adjustments, a color bar pattern was created to help technicians determine if a color set was reproducing an accurate picture. 

Although we don't see these interesting patterns on our TVs any more, it's fun to look back and remember those days.  Join us on program 99 for our recollections of these early TV memories!