Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bobby Sherman Gives Back to His Community!

The Galaxy Guys profile Tiger Beat magazine in Show 52. We discuss some of the tean throbs of the 1960s and 1970s, and we make several mentions (and a song rendition of Julie, Do Ya Love Me) in honor of Bobby Sherman. Here's Bobby (right) several years ago (with Mike's brother Tim) at a community event in Los Angeles. Both of these guys give their time and talent as reserve officers for Los Angeles. Tim is a reserve police officer, and Bobby served with the Emergency Medical Response Units. We salute all volunteers in public service!

Tiger Beat Magazine 40 years ago (Podcast 52)

Old TV Console? Love Fish? Here's an Idea!

Have you discovered a dinosaur of a TV set in your attic? You know, the ones made with imitation wood, with knobs instead of buttons? It sure can't compete with today's flat-panel units, but it doesn't have to head straight for the junk pile -- if you're creative. Here's how to make it do something those plasmas will never pull off: turn it into a fish tank! READ MORE-CLICK HERE