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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Galaxy Nostalgia Network Now Heard on KOPA-FM

We'd like to thank KCBQ alum John Fox, the station manager at the NEW San Diego North County FM station REZ RADIO 91.3. John is one of our listeners, and decided that Galalxy Nostalgia Network's weekly radio show and podcast would fit nicely with the station format of REZ Radio.

If you are up for a visit in San Diego's North County Inland area, or enjoying the awesome Pala Casino, and the time is Wednesday 12:30pm or Friday at 11:30pm – you can listen to Galaxy Moonbeam Nite Site.

KOPA-FM Station Manager John Fox (left) During Live Radio Interview of Tribal Chief Robert Smith.

KOPA 91.3 FM (REZ Radio) has other programs that are guaranteed to please. Support John and KOPA for their hard work in bringing the public another much needed independant FM station.

Here's a chance to start your own radio show.
Volunteer airshifts and other positions at KOPA FM are available. Claim your own hour or two per week playing your favorite music or just host the REZ RADIO 91.3 music mix. Talk about hobbies, current affairs, or whatever you like. Amaze your friends and neighbors! John Fox welcomes whatever you have to offer that will enrich life in Pala. Your show might even lead to a new career. Contact John at 760 742 4200 or

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